GTA 5 May Get New DLCs, Rockstar Postpones GTA 6 Production

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Rockstar has postponed the development of GTA 6 as the company has decided to focus on adding new content, DLCs to GTA 5.

Ever since its release, gamers were bit annoyed by the fact that the developers wouldn’t allow them to experience the online play as they wanted it to. Rockstar rolled out new modes slowly including the critically acclaimed heist mode. Everything was unique but the expansions stopped abruptly and there were no signs of new updates.

gta 5

The team even promised to add a single player expansion to GTA V but there has been no talk related to the same. PC gamers have more freedom in this segment because they can use mods created by others and have unlimited fun. PS4 and Xbox One players continue to support the title by playing the same DLCs over and over again.

When it looked like it’s all over, Rockstar has come back to the rescue of their ardent patrons. After all, GTA 5 shot to fame and easily one of the top selling games in history. It not only performed latest on new generation consoles and PCs but even witnessed tremendous success on PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

There were several rumors that claimed that Rockstar has already started working on GTA 6 which is scheduled for launch by 2018 or 2019. However, the newest update confirmed that they have suspended development of any new games and will be focusing on the ones that are supposed to be released now.

While adding new DLCs and modes to the online multiplayer component of GTA 5, the developers will also be focusing on releasing Red Dead Redemption on PC. There is no update on other titles but the team probably has planned to bring some of them to current generation platforms before working on the sequel of Grand Theft Auto.

GTA 6 Production Postpone

Red Dead Redemption 2 is also on the cards which should be out for PS4, Xbox One and probably for the future consoles including Xbox Scorpio and PS5. Rockstar has a steady and busy time ahead as they have game launches lined up for the next three years or so.

We are already excited about the new things that they could bring to GTA 5 to make the game exciting again. It will also bring new players and old ones on board for great time together. Could it include a single player expansion? We hope it does!

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