GTA 6: Rockstar Games’ Shift in Creative Direction Will Reflect In The Upcoming Game

rockstar games

As a gaming publisher, Rockstar Games is known to follow certain rules or adhere to a template that, its senior executives believe, works the best for it.

While the gaming publisher has been lauded for bringing innovative content and ideas to the fore at regular intervals, it has also received criticism for not being flexible enough in certain aspects. As per recent reports, that is all set to change soon.

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After the infamous encounter of George Floyd in the year 2020, Rockstar Games decided to do away with its plans of introducing a particular mode of play for Grand Theft Auto Online. Titled Cops ‘n’ Crooks, this particular mode, reportedly, offered a new spin on a popular children’s game that involved the creation of different teams and police intervention.

However, since there was so much discussion happening around police violence around that time, Rockstar decided not to go ahead with this mode. Even though it’s been two years since the occurrence of that incident, Rockstar doesn’t seem to be interested in reviving it.

Rockstar’s current strategy seems to be to keep a tab on the discussions around GTA 6 happening in the various online forums and developing the game as per the fans’ expectations. Though the gaming publisher has refrained from sharing any update about GTA 6 after confirming its existence in February, the gaming publisher seems to have decided to adopt a more flexible approach while GTA 6.

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