Grand Theft Auto 6: Rockstar Games Posts Several New Job Listings

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Though Rockstar Games hasn’t shared any update about Grand Theft Auto 6 after making an official announcement about it in February,

One is pretty certain about the fact that the development team is working round the clock to ensure that the final product, as and when it gets ready, makes the fans happy.

The fact that Rockstar Games has posted a bunch of new job listings serves as a testimony to the fact that it is planning to expand the workforce in order to ensure that GTA 6 gets launched on time. Though Rockstar hasn’t announced an official date for the release, the senior executives must have a tentative release window in mind.

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As confirmed online, Rockstar Games has listed as many as 70 new jobs in the last couple of hours. If we take the job listings published in the recent past into account, there are 227 vacancies in the company at the moment. From an associate dialogue designer to an assistant visual designer, the company needs to fill up several positions to ensure the development process of the game moves at a good speed.

According to the job listing, there is a requirement for engineers, animators, testers and visual-effects artists, among others. These job listings have been put across by different branches of Rockstar Games including Rockstar North, Rockstar New England, Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar India and Rockstar New York.

While Rockstar hasn’t stated that these job openings are for GTA 6, most of these are bound to be for the game as the gaming publisher is focusing on it at the moment. One position, however, has been specifically listed for GTA+, GTA Online’s new subscription service. Some of the positions, as mentioned in the listing, are for “open world” games.

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