GTA Online: Here’s How To Benefit From The Clubhouse Money-Making Guide

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The latest weekly update by Grand Theft Auto Online marked the arrival of new Smuggler random events in the game.

It has also resulted in the payouts of MC Clubhouse Contracts increasing by 50% for the week.

While the game offers many purchasable entities, Clubhouse is quite special for fans as it gives them the opportunity to participate in lucrative business ventures. While it was introduced with the Bikers update that was rolled out in 2016, The Criminal Enterprises update led it to it getting expanded further.

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Every time a user completes a Contract Mission, they make a lot of money. However, if you follow the Clubhouse money-making guide diligently, you can earn a lot more. If you are planning to play GTA Online this year, you must make it a point to go through this guide.

Firstly, players need to buy a Clubhouse in GTA Online. After that, they will have to visit the official website of the Maze Bank Foreclosures and buy one of the Clubhouses listed there. The players will have the option of choosing from La Mesa Clubhouse Layout 2, Paleto Bay Clubhouse Layout 1, Rancho Clubhouse Layout 1, Paleto Bay Clubhouse Layout 2, Great Chaparral Clubhouse Layout 1, Hawick Clubhouse Layout 2, Grape seed Clubhouse Layout 2, and several other Clubhouses.

Once you buy one of the Clubhouses, you will gain access to the noticeboard. From here, you can launch Clubhouse Contracts. You can also participate in some of the in-session missions. Completing these missions will help you a lot of in-game money. Some of the most sought-after Clubhouse Contracts in the game are Weapon of Choice, Outrider, P.O.W, Guns for Hire, Nine Tenths of the Law, Cracked, Gunrunning, Life and Deathbikes, and Fragile Goods.

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