Grand Theft Auto Online Helicopter Knocks Down Bounty Target


Grand Theft Auto Online has been known to be a game filled with a lot of dynamic energy that, at times, leads to chaos.

One often sees players finding a reason to fight with each other. When you spot someone showing around the map and declaring a bounty, you shouldn’t be surprised as it’s quite common in the game. Bounties can be announced to players either by gamers or NPCs. These bounties give players the encouragement to eliminate the target.

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Since GTA Online offers you a variety of weapons and armed vehicles to choose from, launching a bounty in the game is not very difficult. Bounties, however, can be taken out in quite an unpredictable manner. There was one instance when a player was engaged in some personal activity when an abandoned helicopter launched a bounty.

A Reddit user, who goes by the name curdington, posted a GTA Online gameplay clip of this particular incident. The clip starts shortly after curdington has jumped out of the helicopter and is heading toward the ground. Since the parachute has opened on time, they are heading toward the ground safely. When the two icons are seen to be overlapping, multiple notifications are received by curdington. One gets to know that the bounty has been eliminated, the helicopter has been put down and the $1000 bounty has been released.

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Targeting a particular player present on the ground and attacking them with a helicopter is not a very simple thing to do. Even when the duties of a pilot are being handled by an experienced pilot, it is not an easy task to achieve. However, this did happen. There is no video clip of the bounty target’s encounter with the helicopter. If there was a video, witnessing this event would have made for a memorable experience.

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