GTA Online Nearing Its End: Rumors Or The Truth?

GTA 6 Leak

As per a recently circulated rumor, the final update for Grand Theft Auto Online will be released this year, just before the marketing campaign for Grand Theft Auto 6 begins.

While it is a little difficult to believe this rumor as GTA Online is doing really well but leaker Matheusvictorbr insists this is the truth.

According to Matheusvictorbr, GTA Online’s latest iteration will receive its final DLC or major update at some point in 2022. GTA 6’s promotional campaign, as per the leaker, will be rolled out as soon as this update is launched. This is, perhaps, being done to ensure that fans channelize all their energies towards GTA 6. Since many leakers have already stated that GTA 6 will be released this year, one can easily buy half of the information propagated by Matheusvictorbr. What he says about GTA Online, though, is quite shocking!

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This particular rumor has divided fans into two distinctive groups. A section of the fans believe in the rumor and are quite happy with it. These are the gamers who have played GTA 5 and GTA Online for years and have reached a point where they are looking for something fresh and different. However, this news has made all those fans upset who liked playing GTA Online.

As far as the credibility of the source of this rumor is concerned, there have been many instances in the past in which the news reported by Matheusvictorbrhas turned out to be accurate. But, there have been many instances of him going wrong with this prediction too. Practically speaking, there is not a very high chance of Rockstar Games pulling the plug on GTA Online as it continues to be very popular among the fans. Something of this sort would only happen when the gaming publisher decides to take extreme measures to promote GTA 6.

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