GTA Online Player Gets Lucky With His First-Ever Spin in Casino

Diamond casino

A lot of players, especially those who have their eyes on rewards and prizes in a game, consider The Diamond Casino & Resort as an integral part of Grand Theft Auto Online.

The casino is known for its vibrant ambiance where one finds an array of slot machines, prize wheel and card tables. The sad part is that the casino is not accessible to players residing in certain areas owing to the gambling laws in their region.

One player, however, managed to find his way out of the ban, spin around the prize and win a large sum of money.

Rockstar Games launched Grand Theft Auto Online in October 2013 and has been, since then, releasing updates on a regular basis. In July 2019, they released The Diamond Casino and Resort update that enabled players to engage in a wide number of gambling-based games together.

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Right in the main lobby of the casino, you can see The Lucky Prize Wheel mounted closer to a vehicle podium. Players get the opportunity to spin the wheel daily and win a variety of rewards including clothes and cash. The most competitive players vie for the grand prize that happens to be that one vehicle that is showcased on the podium in that particular day or week.

Gambling banned in my country used a VPN for the first time and used the casino features for the first time and got the podium vehicle, beginners luck I guess from gtaonline

This user, who goes by the ID Gaming_Nation2007, shared their story in a community on Reddit that gets several fans of the game together on the same platform. He also shared a picture featuring their character behind the wheel post the lucky spin. The user very smartly used a VPN to find access to GTA Online and managed to fool the game into believing that they were playing the game from another location where there were no laws prohibiting gambling.

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The first-ever spin by Gaming_Nation2007made him win the grand prize which was the podium vehicle. His win can be termed as ‘very lucky’ owing to the fact that even the most seasoned players have a 5% chance of securing the grand prize.

Gaming_Nation2007 attributed beginner’s luck to their win. Interestingly, they are not very happy with the vehicle they have won as the grand prize. The vehicle happens to be a Vapid Slamtruckcolored in hues of pink. The vehicle also features flame decals. While it is a good vehicle for carrying out some interesting stunts, the bright-and-bold design might not appeal to everyone.

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