The Sims 4: New Celebration Pack Announced

Sims 4 wedding

The Sims 4 team has made an announcement regarding the kind of content one can look forward to from them this week.

Among other things, there will be a new game pack, the theme of which will be ‘celebration’. Ever since the game was launched in the year 2014, more than thirty DLCs have been released. Some of the important things that have been added to the game consistently are several clothing items and interesting elements.

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With its gamer base crossing the 30-million mark, The Sims 4 has emerged as one of the most loved simulation games around. There are many communities of the game on Reddit and other platforms where players keep discussing updates, modifications and rumors pertaining to the game.

For The Sims 4, four distinctive DLCs have been launched, each of which contributes towards a varying amount of content. The largest of these DLCs are the expansion packs that add gameplay and content in a very large amount. Players have also got the opportunity to buy game packs that contribute a moderate amount of content concentrated on just one subject. The relatively small stuff packs add different items like clothing.

The newest addition to the DLC gang is kits that contribute small items being added to the game. This is also now the cheapest DLC that you can procure while playing the game. Though Electronic Arts has been releasing DLCs regularly, the gaming publisher has not put out base games in The Sims franchise in a very long time.

The team made an announcement about their plans for the next three months via the microblogging site Twitter. Apart from free content, the team has also assured fans about many new releases dropping soon. The biggest announcement, however, has been about a celebration-themed game pack. As per the team, this soon-to-be-launched pack will “throw a party for love”. From the little information we have got so far, one could expect to see many weddings happening post the release of this pack.

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The team has also announced two new kits that shall “celebrate fierce design”. Players can look forward to a lot of free content, revolving around food, in the upcoming months. Within the Sims community, there will also be a bunch of collaborative projects. The announcement also teased players about “a few more surprises” that will be rolled out in the next three months.

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