GTA Online: Rockstar Games Surprises Fans with a Free Gift

GTA online solo heist

GTA Online players who play the game on devices like the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Xbox One have been given a free gift by Rockstar Games.

While Rockstar Games has been rewarding and springing up unique surprises for players from time to time, this one is quite special.

The gaming company has now announced that any player who logs onto the game by December 2, will receive in-game money worth $500K. There are no ‘hidden’ terms or conditions attached to it. The only thing you have to remember here is that this free gift can be availed only till December 2.

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The company also expects you to be a little patient while availing of this offer. After you log in, it will 70-72 hours for the free gift or the in-game money to show up in your profile. Once it is credited to you, it will go straight to your account in Maze Bank. While $500K looks like a huge amount on paper, the fact remains that you cannot buy or do a lot of things with this amount in the game. Having said that, getting $500K as in-game money for free is not a bad thing at all. If you plan carefully, you will be able to do a few interesting things with this amount.

The official statement released by Rockstar Games said, “With the season of giving now in full flight, enjoy a special GTA $500,000 gift on us.”The statement also confirmed that every single player who logs in to GTA Online will be rewarded with the aforementioned in-game money.

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Apart from offering free in-game money to players, Rockstar Games has also surprised players by introducing a brand new in-game update. After the implementation of this update, each host will get an opportunity to trace the Panther Statue as their main target while participating in The CayoPerico Heist. Along with this, players are also entitled to earn rewards during Overtime Rumble.

There are a few important things that Rockstar Games has not offered any confirmation on yet. For instance, one doesn’t know whether a December DLC update will be implemented in the same way as it has been rolled out in the last couple of years. There are indications of the update not being carried out this year owing to some problems the company has been facing with the GTA Trilogy.

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