Neighborhood Stories: New Feature on The Sims 4 Marks The Arrival of a New System


Earlier this week, Maxis Studios announced the arrival of an important change in the game with its new update.

The new feature, as we now know, will be called Neighborhood Stories. This feature would offer several interesting gameplay moments Sims go through outside the realm of the player’s control. This feature bears a striking resemblance to ‘Story Progression’, a feature that was introduced in The Sims 3. If you are familiar with Story Progression, you will discover the many similarities Neighborhood Stories has with it while using it.

Whether you are observing the proceedings of the game as a player or not, neighbor Sims will get to live their own lives. They will have a lot more freedom and get the choice to opt for a different career, have children or seek a divorce from their spouse. 30 November, 2021 has been decided as the official release date for the launch of Neighborhood Stories by Maxis Studios.

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Despite offering a lot of things, the upcoming feature will have certain limitations. Its focus will be on some key lifestyle changes for Sims in the immediate surroundings of the character. It would also bring about a change in their equation with their friends or colleagues. According to experts and observers of the game, this feature will evolve greatly with time and would enable Sims to make their own decisions without getting influenced by the player’s command.


However, it doesn’t mean that the players will lose control over the game. Whenever the Neighbor Sims encounter a major issue they will expect the player’s input to resolve it for them. As a player, you can help the Sims make a decision that would help them get out of a messy situation.

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With the help of this feature, Neighboring Sims can choose to do some constructive activities and or engage in things that would the Sims around them in trouble. You can either take the initiative of bringing Sims with similar ideas or motivation together or disrupt the equations between different Sims. Helping Sims will be identified as ‘Neighborhood Confidante’ and those who contribute towards Sims breaking up will be known as ‘Villainous Valentines’.

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