GTA V Gets a New Mod that Allows Players to Wear the Crysis Nanosuit


A new GTA V mod is now out and as with all the earlier wacky mods, it brings the Crysis Nanosuit into the game.

There is a mod for almost everything in the game right from the creating the avengers characters to turning into a cartoon or getting superhero powers, you can do them all in the world of Grand Theft Auto V. The games design is quite open ended on the PC platform allowing gamers and modders to push it to its maximum extent. The Redux mod launched last year changed the way the game looked and improved its graphics significantly.

Grand Theft Auto V

Similar to the mod, the newest Crysis suit mod not only makes the game more fun and exciting to play but also makes it look better. The mod changes the UI of the game drastically with some graphical improvements and gameplay looks more like you are playing the Saints Row game. With the Crysis suit, obviously you get super human strength so that you can smash cars, kick them into space and run really fast that you can scan the city in matter of minutes.

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A teaser video has been released online which shows how the mod would look in Grand Theft Auto 5. A surprising factor is that it is really tough to claim this game was launched almost three years ago on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 console. The graphics, gameplay and the world developers Rockstar created looked more relevant than ever in 2017. Besides, with all these mods the PC version of the game gets, it is already on its way to become the next Skyrim that is never going to age with constant updates from the developers as well as mod creators.


The particular Crysis Nanosuit mod for GTA V was created by a user named JulioNIB. The mod’s details and how to install them has been posted on the PC Gamer magazine official link. As with any other mod, you may find some difficulty in installing it and getting it to run seamlessly. After all, it is not official and is not developed by Rockstar but rather people who are interested in altering the codes of the game to keep it going.

As with any other mod, it may crash your game and make sure you are downloading the mod from the official source to avoid any malware issues. Check out the video in here.