Xbox One Version of Grand Theft Auto IV Runs Faster, New Comparison Video Released

Grand Theft Auto IV

Microsoft is rapidly expanding the number of games on Xbox One backwards compatibility catalog and Grand Theft Auto IV is the latest one to join the list.

Most games that were designed for the Xbox 360 console and is now running on the new Xbox One usually doesn’t show significant improvement in performance. They were primarily designed to work on an older generation hardware and doesn’t utilize the hardware power that the new console has to offer. However, GTA IV shows some significant improvement in gameplay and speed even though it is simply being emulated to work on the hardware.

Xbox One Grand Theft Auto 4

Over 300 titles are available in the backwards compatibility catalog at the moment. The developers recently added Grand Theft Auto 4 along with The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost & the Damned bringing the entire collection to the new generation hardware. The results are fascinating if we are to the video posted by the team that did this benchmark test. The frame rates have significantly improved in the Xbox One console.

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One of the important reasons the testers suggest is that the GTA 4 version on the console is framerate unlocked. There is no constraint on them like it was on the Xbox 360 console. It allows the game to perform much better because it can go way above 30 fps whenever possible and sometimes the frame rate might go down the usual thirty but still the game is completely playable throughout most missions. It might take some to finish all three versions of the title to confirm but it is quite an immersive experience so far.

Grand Theft Auto IV

A similar change in performance was witnessed in Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare. The test also confirmed that the frame pacing is much higher on the Xbox One console. It goes all the way up to 50ms and 60ms spikes. But, it is not all bells and whistles in the game because at times there is significant lag in the controller. Your inputs sometimes don’t convert the way it should in Grand Theft Auto IV and overall the game suddenly looks unstable discouraging players to play it further. If you are not going to give it too much attention and focus on the missions instead, it is possible to complete the entire game. Just make sure when you are going to enjoy better speed, frame rates there are some hiccups that deter the experience from being totally amazing to something less enjoyable.


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