Gundam Versus Releasing for PlayStation 4 September 29th: Time for Celebration


Plenty of Gundam games are released in Japan and now Gundam Versus is heading for release in the US for PS4 devices on the 29th September.

Bandai Namco, the company behind the Gundam games, has announced that the giant robot hit series Gundam Versus is being offered to PS 4 gaming consoles in America for the first time.

Arcade Fight

Gundam Versus is in the genre of arcade fights. Giant, animated mechs destroy each other using huge laser swords and blasting one another. The game is finally coming to the US for the first time, this year in September. Bandai Namco announced the news on the 30th of June at the Anime Expo.

The Combat

The game has existed for several years in Japan. It has been build from the beginning all over again for the PS4 consoles. It focuses on the 2v2 and the 3v3 fights. The game is very fast and has some weird robots in the place of medieval fighters.

Press Release

Bandai Namco in its press release stated that the Gundam Versus was being created specifically for the PlayStation 4 gaming console. They are also offering pilot mobile suits with weapon systems for mastering the game, offering improved mobility options. This will enable gamers to use improved strategies for winning over opponents, when fighting battles, both two on two types and three on three types.

Absence of Regional Restrictions

The Gundam Versus series will have more than ninety Mobile suits and fans can choose from these. It suits will cover the entire game series. The game also comes with novel means of setting up an online battle. Gamers can use several options. Bandai Namco has offered assurance that servers will be open for online gaming without any restrictions on some regions. So, if gamers in the US want to play with their friends in Japan, connection is simple and easy.

Moving Forward

Literally so!! There is also a change in the gameplay for the Gundam series. Players can now make a dash downwards. This means that they can attack an enemy by dodging and refilling the boost gauge after they hit ground. The game thus offers more mobility.

Standard Version for West

The news that it is coming to the US is surprising and very welcome. Most fans of Gundam have been importing the series released in Japan. Fans of the two on two and the three on three battles had to make do with Japanese releases.

However, the Gundam Versus Premium G sound version or edition will continue to remain exclusive to Japan. It has more songs and alsocosts more. The standard edition of Gundam Versus will be released in North America. The licensing costs are more for the additional songs in the Premium G Sound version. This might be a problem with releasing the premium version in the West. Hence Bandai Namco is releasing the basic or standard version in the west.

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