Production Version of Model 3 Expected by this Weekend: Elon Musk

tesla model 3

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has confirmed that the first production version of Model 3 will be revealed by this weekend.

The all-electric car will be the third release from the company that will be the cheapest of the lot allowing the average buyer to adopt EVs without having to spend a fortune.

The original Model 3 concept was announced years ago and pre-orders for the car has already opened. Buyers have the freedom to customize their car as they like to including the type of wheel, color, interiors and the exquisite materials to enhance their overall experience. The company is looking forward to make electric cars the norm among people. The car is priced at $35,000 which is the key to making it an affordable technology for them all. Elon Musk on his Twitter page confirmed that the upcoming Model 3 has already passed all regulatory requirements to undergo production.

tesla model3 ev car

The SN1 is expected to be showcased for the first time on Friday. Production will be carried out in phases. Previously, Tesla always had a tough time when it comes to delivering models to their customers on time. The Model S sedan and the Model S sedan witnessed significant delay in its delivery. Customers were largely irked by this delay that they had to complain a lot and it also tarnished Tesla’s image. The automobile manufacturer now claims that things are all set. The first lot will be just 100 cars which will be distributed in the month of August.

While it might sound like a minimal number to start off with, within the month of September the company will release at least 1,500 cars to customers who have pre-ordered the Model 3. The deliveries will continue to increase as production is expected be on the highest side and will touch a massive number of 20,000 cars by December. For a company like Tesla that had struggled hard to cope up with deliveries all the time, these numbers are quite phenomenal and with it, they will also improve the overall deliveries of Model S and Model X cars.

The first 30 customers who ordered the Model 3 all EV car will get their vehicles handed to their on the 28th of this month, confirmed Elon Musk in his blog who also added that as the car received over 400,000 pre-orders, they are looking forward to ramp up production to finish all deliveries by 2019. Based on the car’s reach and performance, it may attract more buyers while opening up a new market for all-electric cars.

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