Gunmetal OnePlus 3T Model (128GB) Pre-orders Now Available

OnePlus 3T

The gunmetal color variant of the OnePlus 3T is finally available for pre-orders, months after the phone was released towards the end of last year.

OnePlus unveiled the 3T as a successor to the original OnePlus 3 that came in the first half of 2016 and just like its predecessor, the flagship was received well by many people out there. While there were no major changes between the new OnePlus 3T and the older OnePlus 3, the former was slightly tweaked in order to appeal more or rather bring in a new fanbase to the flagship. Some of the changes saw the 3T debut a new color variant as well as an additional storage option.

Fans of OnePlus 3T who were not satisfied with the 64GB of storage that the phone offers on its base model can now rejoice in the fact that the company has now put up the high-end 128GB variant for pre-orders via its official website. This variant not only comes with a massive storage capacity, but it also comes with a unique color finish that OnePlus calls gunmetal. This color variant was included in the main announcement last November, but it is only now that the Chinese OEM has availed it for purchase.

The fact that there is a new OnePlus 3T model in a higher storage capacity available for purchase doesn’t mean that fans will not be able to get their hands on the cheaper variant that ships with 64GB of storage and has a soft gold finish. What it means is that willing buyers can now choose from two different color variants of the 3T, which makes the whole buying process more interesting than before.

Be warned that the gunmetal OnePlus 3T is only listed for pre-orders, but it will start shipping eight days from now. In the U.S., this 128GB model will set you back $479 while those in the UK and Europe will part with £439 and €479 respectively.

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