Verizon starts same-day Screen Repairs for Select Apple, Samsung and Motorola Models


There is no worst thing than breaking the display screen of your precious phone, more so if it’s a flagship device bought at a really high cost.

However, America’s biggest carrier, Verizon Wireless, has something really good for you just in case this horror comes your way. The tech giant will ensure that your broken display screen gets fixed on the very same day, but you need to have an eligible smartphone in order to get into this program. It gets even more interesting as the program gives you room to have the technician come to you in order to repair the broken smartphone screen.

According to the Big Red’s stats, more than 30% of all U.S. citizens who own a smartphone are currently using it with a broken screen. If you thought this was a strange happening, keep in mind that on average, Americans drop their phones once per week, which makes sense having such a huge number of victims. With this Verizon plan, you can have your phone’s screen repaired on the same day rather than walking around with a broken screen for days or even weeks due to fear of having to stay for some few days without a phone just because the technicians are working to replace the broken screen.

As expected, the Verizon plan comes at a small cost of just $11 per month and it is covered under the Total Mobile Protection plan. As noted earlier, you need an eligible phone in order to be part of this program. These phones include the slightly older iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, the compact iPhone SE as well as the entire iPhone 6 series, including the S models. As for those using Samsung models, the plan includes the 2014 Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 as well as Galaxy Note 5. Motorola’s devices included are the Droid Turbo and Droid Maxx.

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S

The service can be accessed from across 34 American states, with more than 220 Verizon stores ready to repair your broken Apple iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S7 at any time. As noted, you can even have the technician come to where you are and carry out the repair as opposed to the usual, where it’s you who has to visit them. But the latter case still applies.

Regardless of the option you choose, there will still be a deductible of $79, but the good side of the story is that Verizon will now let you claim up to three times annually instead of the usual two. If you have more than one eligible device, for instance, there is also room to cover up to three lines on the same plan via the Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device plan, which also ups the number of share claims per year from six to nine.

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