Halo 5 is About to Get Monitor’s Bounty DLC, 343 Details Content

Halo 5 Get Monitor Bounty

Halo 5 Guardians, a Microsoft exclusive title has been going unexpectedly strong ever since its launch primarily because of the support from its developer 343 industries.

The game got launched about 14 months ago but the developers continue to support it with new game modes, maps and other interesting content. A new DLC named Monitor’s Bounty, part of Halo Waypoint is about to be released on December 8 and the team detailed some of the things that one could expect from the update. It brings two notable add-ons, the custom game browser and an observer mode. It also includes multiple in-game items and brand new warzone maps for players to fight in.

Halo 5 Get Monitor Bounty

Inspired by how games work on PCs, Xbox One players can now browse custom games using the browser. They can sort it based on the map they like, game mode and other criteria before jumping into battle. “The updated custom game browser allows players to find in-progress custom games from file’s options. The team was really interested in expanding and adding this feature for a very long time. It had to be postponed multiple times but is now available because we finally managed to have a powerful search engine to power the browser,” said Vincent Hui, UX design lead for Halo 5 Guardians.

While the game is still far away from becoming a main esports title, Microsoft and 343 industries are interested in pushing the halo franchise into the FPS genre. The game will have an observer mode with a HUD. The heads-up display is designed to display information including stats of all eight players on board, their health, weapons and other details. Viewers can easily see when their powerup is ready, respawn time and it adds up to the tension to make it into an intense esports experience.

Halo 5

Monitor’s Bounty DLC for Halo 5 has much more content, said 343 industries developers. It will be the biggest Forge update for the Halo game in a very long time, they said. Things are going great for fans as they continue to not only receive support for the game they purchased but new content that keeps the action interesting and fun to explore. The slick first person shooter has an amazing storyline with one of its iconic characters Master Chief but once it’s over, the multiplayer should offer hours of non-stop fun in case you plan to pick up the game now.

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