Pokemon Go Ties Up with Starbucks and Sprint to Offer Exclusive Content

Pokemon Ties Up with Sprint

Pokemon Go is about to grow really big as the developers Niantic labs have signed up new partnership deals with big brands including Starbucks and Sprint.

The first unofficial leak came from a Starbucks employee guide which confirmed that the coffee brand has signed up with Pokemon Go. Based on the flyers, it was confirmed that almost every last Starbucks store in the United States will become a Pokemon Gym allowing people to catch those creatures whenever they have a sip. The promotion leads to better sales as people has to walk into the store, probably spend hours before they achieve their objective. And, they have to walk into multiple stores to catch them all which justifies why these two companies signed up.

Pokemon Go Ties Up with Starbucks

Commemorating the occasion, Starbucks will launch a new Pokemon Go inspired Frappuccino and it will also be displayed within the app. The drink is basically a Vanilla bean frap topped with raspberry syrup and dried blackberries. Another practical problem is that people may walk in but never order a drink. People working in Starbucks have received specific instructions on how to deal with this crowd and use employee’s best judgment as the situation demands. It doesn’t explicitly state much but they may ask you to order something if you hang out for a long time in the cafe.

Pokemon Go has also partnered with Sprint cellular service provider in the U.S. The announcement is yet to take place and there is no word on what they are going to bring to the table. However, given what Niantic labs do these days, it could be service provider specific content and new creatures, probably at least 100 of them to catch. The game has been losing its sparkle off late and is yet to be announced in some countries. The developers want to make sure they bring players back onboard by offering weekly discounts, free weekends and new collectibles to keep the interest factor intact.

Pokemon Ties Up with Sprint

Sprint may offer unlimited data to play the game or provide Pokestops. But, we can confirm the same once the announcement is live. It should take place today but if you are not so excited by the world of Pokemon Go at the moment, it’s good to keep your expectations low. After all, at this point it’s difficult to make any groundbreaking announcements with regards to this AR game. It is going strong and may witness some improvements as well as new gameplay add-ons in the near future.

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