Health Connect: Google and Samsung Join Hands To Launch New Fitness Platform

Health Connect

When two tech giants come together to build a new platform, one can’t help but have huge expectations from it.

Google and Samsung have joined forces to put together a new platform called Health Connect. This platform can be best described as an API or application programming interface that has been designed to help users sync data between multiple Android apps and devices.

Health Connect shall enable developers to access data and information from a variety of programs, in a very safe and secure manner, to get it synced across different apps and devices. By doing this, they will make it more convenient for users to manage or regulate their health and fitness data across multiple platforms.

Health Connect features more than 50 data categories like exercise and sleep that help users get a clear idea about their fitness levels abs whether they are leading a healthy lifestyle. It also has features that would help users get details about their blood pressure and heart rate. To ensure that the users get to have absolute control over their data, Health Connect would provide them with centralized privacy settings. These settings would make the process of sharing and accessing data much simpler and more secure.

Health Connect in the Second Half of 2022

TaeJong Jay Yang, the Executive Vice President at Samsung, conveyed his thought about this new platform via a press release. He stated that Samsung is working very closely with Google and other collaborators on this project to ensure that the platforms prove to be extremely beneficial for the ones it has been designed for.

He further shared that Samsung Health will begin the process of adopting Health Connect towards the latter half of this year. After taking the requisite permission from the users, the app will give developers the scope to use the accurate data calculated by Galaxy Watch for Samsung Health to their advantage. Users will be able to use this data on several other apps as well.

Health Connect has been pitched as an open-source beta program that can be used by all the developers. Google has confirmed that it is closely working with developers of popular apps like Leap Fitness, Withings and MyFitnessPal to ensure Health Connect, as a platform, offers health-conscious individuals everything they expect out of it.

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