Apple: iOS 16 To Feature Refreshed Apps But There’s a Twist!

Apple iPhone

Apple fans are keenly looking forward to Apple moving on to iOS 16.

This move by Apple will result in many significant changes being brought into its mobile operating system. However, there is an interesting twist here. Despite all the changes and modifications, the refreshed apps in iOS 16 will look very similar to the apps one used in iOS 15. There will be some differences, but the overall design of an iOS 16 app, which is also featured in iOS 15, will largely remain the same.

Apple has plans to unveil its next-gen operating systems during the WWDC 2022 keynote scheduled to be held on June 6. There is a lot of speculation about what would be unveiled during this event. A large number of rumors, suggesting what one should expect from Apple during this event, have come to the fore. The Cupertino-based tech giant, however, hasn’t shared any confirmation on this.

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While one keeps hearing all kinds of talks about the developer conference, the one thing most people are quite certain about is that Apple has decided to bring in some major changes with the arrival of iOS 16. However, the company also wants to ensure that the new mobile operating system doesn’t make users feel uncomfortable in any way.

In the ‘Power On’ newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman said that Apple users should look forward to “major changes across the system”. These changes, according to him, will introduce users to “new ways of interacting and some fresh Apple apps”.

Though Apple plans to introduce several fresh elements with the arrival of iOS 16, Gurman is of the opinion that Apple will not take drastic steps to get the software redesigned. The basic design of iOS 16, he states, will be very similar to iOS 15.

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