Here’s How You Can Get Refunds from Microsoft for Xbox One, Windows 10 Games

Xbox One Dashboard

The insider program was leaked on Reddit first and now it is official that Microsoft is indeed going to launch a self-service program that users can make use of.

Getting a refund for a digital product could become a nightmare if the company doesn’t have a strong customer support team. A whole lot of gamers who are used to buying Windows 10 and Xbox One games online can now breath a sigh of relief. They no longer have to beg a customer representative to refund the purchase they made. Instead, Microsoft has made it into a self-service solution.

Xbox Windows 10

Available now on the Xbox Insider Program, the feature will now provide you complete rights over the purchases you have made in the Microsoft store. Here is how you can get it done.

  1. Visit and login with your username, password.
  2. Find the payments & billing option located in the top menu. Click to open it.
  3. Navigate to Order History and open it.
  4. Once done, it will redirect you to a page where you can locate the game or app that you have purchased.
  5. Click on the newly added Request a Refund button.

The process is quite simple and straightforward but in order to successfully make a claim, you have to be eligible. Microsoft has a solid list of guidelines and minimum requirements in order to get your money refunded. Any game or app purchased for Windows 10, Xbox One console can be refunded within two weeks from the original purchase date. The games should have been played less than two years for you to be eligible to get your money back.

Only the full games can be refunded and the self-refund option is not applicable for DLC, season passes and any other DLC packs that you may have purchased. The game or app you have purchased should be launched at least once before initiating the self-service system. The page suggests that any app has to be launched once and a 24 hour waiting period is a must before initiating the system. If the developer has put forth the request to not allow the self-refund feature on specific Windows 10 apps, you may not be able to get your money back instantly.

Xbox One Dashboard

Microsoft also confirmed that the idea is to not allow players to buy a game and test it only to request a refund later. For such reasons, there are trial periods and free weekends available for game titles. Any person found to be abusing the system will be warned and later banned if they continue to do it all the time.