WhatsApp Android 2.17.147 Add New Edit Features for Images, Font Options

WhatsApp new font shortcuts

The next version of WhatsApp on Android 2.17.147 which is still in beta has added new features.

Users can now crop and rotate media to their desired position.

With new versions of the app emerging almost every other day, it is a tough job to keep track of the changes the developers are making. They have introduced some features and later removed them owing to many user issues. The bugs continue to plague some of the features but being beta versions, there is no way users could complain about them. The features stay hidden for a long period before the developer team finally rolls it out for users worldwide.

WhatsApp for Android New icons

In WhatsApp 2.17.147 for Android, you will find a rotate option on the top right corner. Users can utilize the feature to rotate any image which will come in handy during many situations. A lot of friends or family would send images done in landscape mode or portrait mode that may not suit your phone screen for ideal viewing. In such scenarios, it is now easy to just rotate it as required. The same can be used to rotate image and crop them at any point before using it as a profile picture or sending them to people in a group.

The way people use WhatsApp has drastically changed in the past few years as it is the primary communication medium for many in both professional and personal scenarios. Apart from this feature, the much discussed one is the ability to change fonts as you send a message. The beta version which is 2.17.148 on Android shows that when you select a text on screen, be it on your phone or the desktop an option window will open up showcasing the list of fonts available. Along with the ability to choose fonts, you can also choose to bold or italic the text so as to communicate in a seamless manner.

WhatsApp new font shortcuts

All these features when put together makes it the ultimate messaging app that users could rely on. Facebook which owns WhatsApp has also planned to launch structured messages, pinning content and automatic translation so that anyone can communicate in their native tongue which will be translated to English or vice versa for business communication. The feature to revoke messages was pushed to a 5 minute window and later removed. The developers didn’t fix upon an actual time limit yet while users demand longer time window so that they can revoke messages that were wrongly sent to a different person or group.