Here’s Why the $300 Xiaomi Mi 5 is a Better Deal than the $650 iPhone 6S

Xiaomi Mi 5

What do you expect in a smartphone worth over $600? Well, “special” is the word because this is no small amount of money to play around with in your pocket, especially considering that a newer and much better version of the same device is always 12 months away.

But then, why shell out $650 to get a new iPhone 6S or even the latest Galaxy S7 when you can get an equally powerful Xiaomi Mi 5 with top-notch specs for just $300? If you still think costlier things are always the best, here’s a huge surprise for you.


In the wake of Chinese manufacturers flocking the Android market, there are currently low-cost devices available with quite unimaginable features and specs. It is possible to get a $100 smartphone that allows you to chat with friends on WhatsApp, send emails via Gmail, make voice and video calls and do almost everything that a premium device does. However, the main difference with what the iPhone 6S offers is the price, which as you can see, is about 6 times the said Android device, for instance, a Moto E smartphone.

Apart from the price, the iPhone 6S also comes with a shinier and nicer appeal in addition to better performance specs, however, there is really no functional difference between a high-end iPhone and a low-cost Android device.

Xiaomi Mi 5 spec sheet

Looking at the spec sheet that comes along with the new Xiaomi Mi 5 will blow your mind. Unlike the cheaper Moto E that comes without a fingerprint scanner, the recently released Mi 5 has one to match the iPhone 6S. It also comes with most or rather all the extras you can need on a smartphone, yet it costs less than half what the iPhone 6S costs.

Xiaomi Mi 5

You will enjoy great display performance from the Xiaomi Mi 5 thanks to the 1080p Full HD display it comes with compared to the resolution of 750 by 1334 pixels featured on the 6S smartphone. Under the hood is this year’s flagship chipset – Snapdragon 820 – and a decent RAM of 3GB, which is, of course, more than what the iPhone 6S comes with. The design is also great enough to make it a premium phone, but the price pulls it down to the lower classes.

It is not an easy thing to come in with similar specs as other flagship devices but at a price that is half their devices. If you know how rare it is to come across such a scenario, you will be the first to jump at this opportunity.

Xiaomi has been tagged China’s Apple in its home country thanks to the designs it comes with, which make their devices almost similar to the iPhone’s design. Given its premium look, one would expect it to be priced highly, however, Xiaomi seems to be on a mission to grab the smartphone market in the shortest time possible, hence putting a price of just $307 on the Xiaomi Mi 5, but this is in its home country.


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