Is Google’s Android OS Becoming More of Apple’s iOS?


Google did the unexpected when it released Android N months before the expected date of release. The search engine giant was expected to unveil the next version of Android OS during its annual Google I/O Developer conference that is scheduled for May 18 – May 20.

With the latest release, Google’s Android OS seems to be moving closer to Apple’s iOS. Whether this will help lure more iPhone users to Android is not known at the moment, however, what we can say is that Google seems to be finally agreeing with Apple on quite a number of aspects, all of which have been highlighted below.

Quick replies functionality

The new Android N brings the ability to respond to notifications right from their panel. This is something that iPhone users have had since the introduction of iOS 8 with iPhone 6. This is a cool addition from Google as it now eliminates the need to open an app in order to reply to a message when in another application.

Keep in mind that the current Android N version is still in Developer preview mode, so, things might change in the long run, but hopefully they won’t.

Split-screen multitasking

iOS 9 was introduced last year together with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. With this operating system, there came a feature known as split view where users can open several apps on the same screen. Even though Samsung devices have had this ability for quite some time now, it is the first time it will be featuring in a stock Android OS.


Google is badly after bridging the gap between smartphones and desktops and with this feature, it may be possible to narrow this gap.

Night mode

The latest version of iOS 9.3 came in with quite a number of new additions and among them was the Night Shift mode. This feature ensures that users get enough sleep, just like the way f.lux works on Mac desktops, by reducing the amount of light emitted from the screens at night time.

While a similar feature was touted to show up with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it never materialized. Google seems to have found a workaround of including the Night Mode in the new Android N and it will come as part of the OS, just like the Night Shift mode with respect to iOS 9.3.

The iOS vs. Android debate seems to never end, however, it is a great thing to see two of the most popular operating systems working to bring almost the same functionality or rather features to their platforms. However, it is not a matter of who is the came in with what first, it has all to do with who makes the most out of these great additions.

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