Hidden WhatsApp Trick: How to Recall a Message

WhatsApp Version 2.16.12

Facebook’s WhatsApp is the leading instant messaging platform with over a billion users opening the app to get in touch with family, friends, and relatives.

The popular app has gathered such a big user base due to its simplicity, convenience and a host of fascinating features. However, the developers are yet to officially launch ‘unsend’ message feature’.

Most people prefer messaging to calls because you have the time to think before conveying any message. However, the consequences may be dire when a wrong message is sent to a right recipient or vice versa. Unfortunately, it does not end there, unlike words which disappear in the air, texted messages are evidence of our mistakes and WhatsApp is not giving you a way to correct yourself in time. We’ve got good news for you, we’ve got you ways to actually delete those erroneously sent WhatsApp messages before you are screwed.

WhatsApp message sending procedure

Just before embarking on how to go about this, let’s see the four stages each and every message goes as you chat with your colleagues – whether text, photo, video or GIF, it doesn’t matter the process is the same. Each one of the four stages is marked by different symbols and they occur at significant time intervals. Here are the check mark symbols and what they denote:

  • Clock symbol- The clock symbol indicates that the message has been sent but has neither been delivered to the WhatsApp server nor to the recipient device.
  • Single tick check mark-This mark denotes a message that has been delivered to the WhatsApp server but has not been sent to the receiver’s device.
  • Twin tick check mark- It indicates that the message has been successfully sent to the receiver but has not been seen.
  • Blue twin tick check mark- It denotes the message was sent successfully and has been seen by the receiver


With that, let’s now see how to deal with a mistakenly sent WhatsApp message at different stages:

First stage (clock symbol stage)

At this stage, the message has not left the sender’s device and it’s easy to prevent it from going to the other side by simply long pressing on the text then selecting delete from the pop-up menu. The clock popping up could mean, lack of data coverage or poor internet connection but that may not last for long. So the best thing to do is to turn off the cellular data or Wi-Fi which is done more conveniently by switching on the airplane mode. However, it should be noted that the process is pretty fast so you must be quick too.

Second stage (single tick stage)

At this point, the message has already reached WhatsApp server but has not been delivered to the receiver’s device. Here you can deny the recipient the opportunity of reading your text by blocking them. Unfortunately, you have to keep him/her blocked for a whopping thirty days! The trick is simple, WhatsApp usually stores messages in the server for thirty days before discarding them. Nevertheless, it’s worthwhile especially when the message could form an evidence that could have you behind bars or screw you in one way or another.

You can also unblock the contact before the thirty days period and your wrongly sent message will still remain undelivered. However, you have to be sure the contact has opened his/her WhatsApp account before unblocking otherwise the message will still be delivered. You can know that by checking their last seen time stamp. In case they have switched that off, then you have to wait until you see while they are online to be sure.


Third stage (double tick check marks)

Unfortunately, at this stage the message has been delivered to the receiver and there is no way whatsoever to recall it back in WhatsApp (there are instant chat apps out there like BBM Messenger and Go SMS Pro that have a message recall feature). The only way that can save you the humiliation is perhaps when your recipient deletes the message before reading it.

Fourth stage (Blue double tick check marks)

At this stage, the message has been read by the recipient and there is no point in trying to delete it. The best is to own up and face the consequences of your recklessness.

Otherwise, enjoy chatting on WhatsApp with these handy tricks.

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