Samsung S8 – All That is Known So Far – Samsung Attempts to Work on its Fallen Reputation

Samsung S8

After the debacle of the Note 7, all eyes seem to be on the S8, which is the next big phone of the company.

A Comeback

Samsung had fallen from grace with the explosion of the Note 7 and now the company seems to be attempting to make a comeback. With the introduction of the S8 next year, it will surely attempt to make a more reliable phone this time around. The profits of the company had plummeted to the lowest depths in the past 8 years, as the Note 7 was called back and the production stopped. The company has also been facing a number of lawsuits due to the exploding phones.

Samsung S8

A Giant Phone

A lot is riding on the S8, which is the next mammoth release of Samsung. The S8 will be the sequel for the S7, which was released in March 2016. The S8 offers a great opportunity for Samsung to bring its fans back, as the phone will offer exceptional technology and reasonable pricing. Samsung is capable of making a great smartphone and even the Note 7 had been praised as being a very impressive phone at the time of its release.

Release Date

There are still many months left for the S8 to make its appearance, but the rumors have already started. Earlier on, it was speculated that the S8 would kickstart sometime earlier than the usual end of February or early March that is usually connected with the Spain event, Mobile World Congress. However, it may not be the best idea to speed up earlier than schedule, especially as the issues of the Note 7 could have been caused due to some rush jobs. In addition, Samsung is attempting to identify the problems of the Note 7 batteries, both for the initial batches and replacement batches.

A Later Release

It is even possible that the release of the new S8 could be pushed to a further date in April, if some rumors are to be believed. Samsung needs some time to identify the cause of the Note 7 explosion. If there is another blowup of the company device, it could completely ruin the credibility of the brand. Whether it will be released as usual or later, the fact is that the firmware of the S8 is now in the production stage.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Increased Face

It is possible that the new face of the S8 will come with 90% of screen, which is an increase from the 80% of screen to bezel. There is another rumor that the home button will be completely eliminated, along with fingerprint reader. In its place, there will be the optical sensor found under the display. This is not the first time that a bezel less display is being seen on a smartphone, as Xiaomi has only recently brought out the Mi Mix.

Million-Dollar Question

However, will the S8 have the power to win back fans after the debacle of the Note 7 and win back the trust of the users? That remains to be seen.

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