HMD Global Releases Kernel Source Codes for Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus

Nokia TA-1157

After releasing kernel source code for Nokia 8.1 last week, HMD Global has released official kernel source codes today for two more phones namely Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus.

While some Android phone manufacturers use the TWRP to let developers make changes to the phones’ storage settings etc., Nokia phone users have the option to download the kernel source codes. Kernel source codes let the developers convert the smartphones to carry out their development activities on it.

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The latest phones to receive the kernel source codes are the Nokia 7.1 and the Nokia 6.1 Plus. This arrangement is covered under the General Public License (GPL) that Android enters into with the device makers. These source codes for open platforms like Linux have to be first shared with Google/Android team and then passed on to the users.

HMD Global Has Dropped Its Inhibitions

Experts watching these developments point out that till recently HMD Global was not quite sold on this idea of permitting the developer community to access the kernel access codes on the Nokia phones. And these experts also point out that not all manufacturers comply with the GPL conditions. But over time, HMD Global changed its stance and has started releasing the kernel source codes. A dozen or more models have already received the codes and more may be in the offing.

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The company allows direct download now with links from its official page. In some other cases, there is a particular way to download. The device must be switched off and then fast-boot and install this feature. But with Nokia phones, there are no such special instructions.

Here are the links for you to click and download the kernel source code files directly:

Nokia 7.1: Nokia7.1_2.56A.tar.bz2

Nokia 6.1 plus: Nokia6.1plus_3.30B.tar.bz2 and Nokia6.1plus_2.50A.tar.bz2

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