Hollow Knight May Finally be Available for a Physical Release

Hollow Knight Release

The Metroidvania game Hollow Knight is all geared up for a Nintendo Switch release this year.

The release is likely to take place very soon as the development team has already declared the feature completion of the port. To date, the game has always been available only as an eShop title that made it available for layers to procure the game only through online sources. However, taking into consideration how passionate gamers are about the Kickstarter title, there are strong talks about a physical release also being made available. If this happens, players can lay their hands on the game from the shelves of a retail store.

Hollow Knight

When Team Cherry spoke of the latest Kickstarter update, it did make it a point to hint about the Switch possibly featuring a physical release. This statement was made even as the development team did not make any comment about a cartridge coming up. Team Cherry said that it was often bombarded with queries pertaining to the likelihood of the physical version of Hollow Knight. The team made it clear that while they were not able to give a positive confirmation right then, they were definitely looking into making their fans’ wishes comes true. Team Cherry also added that things looked promising indeed at that point of time.

Hollow Knight Available

Hollow Knight is a hand-drawn 2D game that keeps you engrossed in a mysterious adventure and takes you to a bizarre world of heroes and insects. There are various things worth exploring that include battle tainted creatures and twisting caverns. In the course of the game, you also get to befriend various bugs. The present game can be played on PC, Linux and Mac in six languages comprising English, Korean, French, Spanish and German. It is centered around a forgotten ancient kingdom set in the slowly disappearing town of Dirtmouth. Apart from unraveling various mysteries, you will also find yourself having to overpower various evils. The game’s sales on Steam went up considerably in summer with more and more players getting hooked to Hollow Knight.

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