Gundam Versus Trophies Announced Way Ahead of Its Release

Gundam Versus Trophies

Gundam Release is an upcoming game that is planned for a release in a couple of months from now in September 2017.

The game is scheduled for its debut launch on PlayStation 4. However, before this launch across the globe, Japan will see a much earlier arrival of the game in just a few days. In lieu of this early release, the team at Exophase has listed out the set of trophies that gamers will be able to lay their hands on as they play the game. There are a total of 34 collectible trophies with emblems from the mobile suits of the Gundam franchise in various categories comprising Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze in the order of difficulty in achieving them.


There is only one Platinum trophy in the whole game and is undoubtedly the toughest to grab. This trophy is called The Light Within the Human Heart and can be won only when all the other trophies in the game have been won. As for gold trophies, there are four of them and are called Dreadful Memories; Riders in the Skies; Warrior, Once More and The Final Victor. To claim the Dreadful Memories and Rider in the Skies trophies, the gamer has to clear 10 trial battle routes and win against 50 waves in the Ultimate Battle respectively. The Warrior, Once More trophy goes to the player who reaches the 300th player level. A player who fights 1,000 online versus battles can claim The Final Victor trophy.

There are 10 silver battles throughout the course of the Gundam Versus game. Any gamer who achieves the SSS rank in 10 trial battle routes win the Shocking Dark History trophy. The Ascension of the Angels trophy can be bagged by anyone who clears normal survival in Ultimate Battle. If the gamer reaches player level 50 and player level 100, he/she is eligible for the Through the Haze of Darkness and Rising from the Ground trophies in that order. The Blazing in the Heavens trophy goes to the gamer who has reached mobile suit level 20. However, this does not include DLC mobile suits. A player wins the Endless Poem trophy on acquisition of 50 strikers; the Golden Autumn trophy on achieving 30 emblems and Fly, Gundaml trophy on taking possession of 50 tiles. The strikers, emblems and tiles in the DLC mobile suits are not taken into consideration. A gamer who fights 500 online versus battles takes ownership of the Space Kaleidoscope trophy. The player who unlocks five navigators is the winner of the The Heroine of the Battlefield trophy.

The final category of Bronze trophies is a set of 19 trophies. The gamer who clears one trial battle route lays his/her hands on the Ghost Subordinates trophy. The Front Line trophy goes to the person who clears five trial battle routes.  To win the The Changing World trophy, a player must receive the SSS rank in five trial battle routes.  A gamer who makes it through Easy Survival in Ultimate Battle is awarded the Iron and Blood trophies. If a player defeats 10 and 25 waves in Ultimate Battle, he bags the A Storm Raging Through and To a Future that Never Ends trophies respectively. When a gamer reaches the 10th player level, he/she is eligible for the I’m on the Stage trophy.

Gundam White Mobile Suit

On acquiring Mobile Suit Level 5 and Mobile Suit Level 10 sans the DLC mobile suits, a player wins the Day of the Unicorn and The Opening Door trophies respectively. When the player lays his/her hands on 10 strikers, 30 strikers and 10 emblems without including the DLC mobile suits, he is eligible for the The Mysterious Mobile Suit, Not Yet Home and Space Pirate trophies in the same order.Once the player lays his/her hands on 20 emblems, 10 tiles and 30 tiles respectively, he/she takes ownership of the Afterimages with Mass, The White Mobile Suit and The Day Solomon Fell trophies. Again, the DLC mobile suits are not considered. On fighting 10 or 100 online versus battles, a player is the winner of the Destined to Keep Fighting or the Hunter of Angels trophy. The War for Two and Little Sister! Trophies are bagged by players unlocking one and three navigators respectively.

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