Honda Type Civic R with 316hp Pricing Revealed

Honda Type Civic R

The Honda Type Civic R is an anticipated car that is practical and delivers the performance any average buyer would expect.

The model’s UK pricing and specification to be made available in the store was detailed today.

The latest edition of the hot hatchback is easily the car anyone would go for. Honda has built a strong fan following for their Civic models throughout the years and it continues every time with some minor upgrades as well as more fuel efficiency and promising performance. The upcoming model features a front wheel drive setup and most importantly, it has already set an amazingly new record at the world’s renowned Nurburgring race track for completing the lap in the shortest possible time.

Honda Type Civic R with 316hp

Official sources have confirmed that the Honda Type Civic R will be priced at £30,995 for the base model. If you are planning to go for the higher end version to get better horsepower and additional upgrades, the GT version is the most comfortable choice. Those models start with a price tag of £32,995 which is about £2,000 more than then entry level edition. When compared with the same GT editions from the past, it is about £1,000 more and it’s not such a huge jump making it still affordable for those who love a powerful GT Civic for their everyday use.

When the pricing increases, obviously there will be some notable upgrades in the car. The GT version of the Civic R includes cross traffic monitor, dual zone climate control, auto dimming rear view mirror, which is also combined with the brand’s proprietary Connect Infotainment suite. The Garmin navigation setup which is part of CONNECT allows drivers to readily find the spot they are looking for. Additional features that makes the ride comfortable include wireless charging pad that works with specific smartphones and LED front fog lights for changing climatic conditions.

Honda Type Civic R

The pricing seems pretty right for the Honda Type Civic R which delivers a cool 316 horsepower and provides a competition for similar models likes Ford Focus RS and the Golf R from Volkswagen. Under the hood, this performance variant is powered by a 2.0-liter four cylinder turbocharged engine that provides the hyped horsepower along with 400 Nm of torque which is just 10 hp more than the outgoing model yet has managed to break lap records in the track. The car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.7 seconds.