New Xbox One Update to Fix Most Cited User Issues, in Alpha Testing Now

Xbox One Dashboard

A brand new Xbox One update is in the horizon and it is now in its alpha phase, only for those who have signed up for the preview program.

As with all other updates, it will soon be out to all users but there is no word on when Microsoft plans to roll it out to the console.

Identifying the version is pretty tough but if you still like to know, it is the Xbox One alpha update version 1705.170505 – 1900 which is now out for users to test and send their feedback. A number of problems which were repeatedly cited by users are fixed with this update that should make your gameplay experience much better. One of them is when you choose the feature to list all available games alphabetically, it will display games as last played or sorted as last updated. The simple issue could be quite annoying because it won’t display titles based on their alphabet but rather on other criteria which is not something the user intends to see.

Xbox One Update

Another annoying critical problem is that the Xbox One console often ends up showing games that are already uninstalled as installed. You may be tempted to check out those old title when it suddenly shows as available. However, it will later show that it is not installed. Any player may have removed a lot of titles so as to free up hard disk space and only those that are available for play should be displayed. The upcoming update should fix this finally making the gaming experience bit less annoying.

Microsoft is also rolling out something experimental and promising with the Xbox One console. The update will add Game Pass which costs $10. And, when players sign up for the same they will gain access to over 100 different titles every month. The monthly subscription will save you money spent on games every time and still have plenty of things to play. It not only includes Xbox One but some amazing Xbox 360 games that will run on the latest console based on the backward compatibility program.

Xbox One Dashboard

Apart from the listed ones, the developers have also fixed and brought some improvements to localization, fixed issues related to players being unable to participate in tournaments among other fixes. The entire list will be released when the update is ready for an official launch to all Xbox One owners. It should be somewhere around the corner.