Horror Adventure Game Perception to Arrive on PlayStation 4 Shortly

Perception Arrive on PlayStation 4

Deep End has partnered with Feardemic and is all set to release Perception, their maiden venture, on PlayStation 4.

The horror adventure game is outlined in the first person narrative and portrays the tale of a blind heroine Cassie. Although visually impaired, she is blessed with an exceptional sense of hearing and wits. These traits help her to crack the mysteries surrounding an abandoned estate that appears repeatedly in her dreams.

PlayStation 4 with Perception

You will begin the game by embarking on a mission to find the estate haunting your dreams. After an extensive research of several months, you will find a forsaken mansion located in Gloucester, MA. The mansion is home to a ghostly Presence who has succeeded in taking the upper hand over the residents. The inhabitants of the mansion have been tortured by this character for several generations. At present, you are its target and must solve the mysteries about the estate to safeguard yourself or become a victim to the horrific character like the other inhabitants. It is up to you to prove your mettle against the Presence.

To make your way through the mansion, you will rely on your cane and use the concept of echolocation. With taps of your cane, you will be able to get an insight of what is in your surroundings. Each time you make a tap, a visual is created. However, tapping the cane for echolocation has its own risks. The sound produced because of the tap helps enemies identify your location and come closer to you. Thus, you must carefully analyze this risk and to save yourself from being located. If by chance, you are spotted, all that you can do is to run and hide while praying that you are not spotted. At the same time, bear in mind that you can use certain sounds to your advantage. An example of this is throwing various objects present in the mansion in different directions. This can help to keep your opponent distracted. Another aspect that you will notice in the course of the game is that the mansion belonging to Echo Bluff undergoes various transformations as Perception progresses and can confuse you.

Perception Arrive on PlayStation 4

Perception is the first game in the horror adventure category to make use of the echolocation concept. Known for various well-received games in this genre, this upcoming game by Deep End is bound to have some really scary moments.

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