Google’s Budget Friendly Android One Smartphones to Land in U.S. this Year

Android One smartphones

The Android One program by Google was announced back in 2014 based on which affordable smartphones were to be launched and supported with periodic Android updates.

While flagship devices from Samsung, Motorola, LG and other top manufacturers receive newest Android updates like the 7.0 Nougat, mid-range and low end phones are usually left out of the proposed schedule. Most buyers are forced to change their phone in a year or less so as to enjoy the latest OS version. Spending a huge sum of money to buy a flagship is something not favored by buyers for whom the Android One program was introduced.

Android One smartphones

The first phones were launched in India and they were priced close to $100. The Android version was clean, worked seamlessly and received new updates at least for two years. The same program will soon be rolled out in the United States so that buyers could go with cheap phones that doesn’t tie them to a specific provider. The phones are expected to be priced between $200 to $300. Software updates and security patches for the phones will be rolled out for two years from sale date.

Instead of keeping it a low profile event, Google has planned to push the initiative on a large scale. The company’s Pixel campaigns will be repeated once again for Android One to reach maximum number of buyers in the United States. After all, just because these phones don’t sport flagship hardware doesn’t mean they deserve less attention. Besides, many would go for them as secondary phones or as their main devices when they don’t want to keep paying a monthly premium to the cellular company.

Moto G

Nexus was earlier close to the $300 mark with offers applied and gave buyers a chance to experience clean Android experience with confirmed updates. With Pixel, the era came to an end but Google might bring it back with the Android One program, according to Android Central. Moto G series is the closest experience users can get at the moment with great vanilla Android experience combined with timely updates and a $300 price tag. It is also expected that Google Voice Assistant might be introduced in these models so as to make it popular and create brand awareness.

Huawei, Motorola, LG are some of the most popular brands that often work with Google. They did so with Nexus phones and we can expect them to come back with Android One phones this year.

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