How Are Nashville Businesses Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a swift and heavy blow to the economy. In Nashville, Tennessee, the Metro Public Health Department reported 30,130 confirmed cases (as of writing) of COVID-19 that range from one month to 103 years of age. The local government created a website to monitor the situation in the city properly. Public officials are working together with health officials, community leaders, and business leaders in ensuring Nashvillians’ safety as they go back to work. The community needs to be careful in sustaining its economy after months of losses, ensuring there will be no reverse in progress due to the COVID-19 cases’ resurgence.

Strategies for Coping During the Pandemic

COVID-19 had a significant impact on all of us with the way we behave, eat, shop, and live. Consumer habits and trends made massive changes, while businesses try to adapt to provide service to its customers.

Turning to Online Selling

In Nashville, a good number of business owners learned how to cope with their customers’ demands. Some created partnerships with progressive online retail entrepreneurs. Some companies need to change their strategy with their merchandise and ensure online selling as their primary source of marketing. Most of those who have had brick-and-mortar shops shifted their operations to digital. Not only did it help them adhere to stay-at-home orders, but they were also able to continue their operations with little downtime.

Offering Delivery Services

Due to the lockdowns, retailers in Nashville would provide delivery services for their consumers. Restaurants can retain most of their employees’ services and still bring their products to their customers’ doorsteps. These continued services are their way of retaining their customers and also maintaining an effective marketing strategy.

Holding Facebook Live Concerts

Nashville is regarded as the Music City for a very good reason; the city has a multitude of homegrown musical talent. Most of the businesses in Nashville offer live music sessions. Now that physical live shows are prohibited, many of them are hosting Facebook live concerts that their patrons can enjoy. Some participate in fundraisers in exchange for a few dollars. This practice helps businesses thrive amid the pandemic while maintaining the rich musical culture that Nashville is known for.

Selling Their Second Homes

For some businesses who may not be as lucky as the others, they turn to sell their second homes to offset their living costs and operational expenses somehow. Thankfully, there are services like Nashville home buyers that provide home sellers an avenue where they can sell their properties without the need to work with a real estate agent. With this, they can readily get their money and start over again, particularly because there is still uncertainty as to when the COVID-19 pandemic will end.


Many Nashville businesses have also opted to downsize their operations for the time being. While it is not something that they want, it is something that they have to do to make sure that owners will still have a business that they can turn to when everything else is over. For stores with multiple branches across Nashville, some have concentrated their operations on branches that can serve a greater percentage of their target.

Like everyone else, Nashville businesses are slowly embracing the new normal. While the future is still bleak at the moment, the city’s unwavering spirit can weather this storm.

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