The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack Will Change Sports Forever

snowy escape expansion pack

Just in time for the holiday season and with winter just around the corner, the Sims 4 developers have come up with a new kind of expansion pack, the Snowy Escape pack.

After all, when people couldn’t really travel to exotic locations during this pandemic year, it would be great if you can virtually enjoy them all with the comfort of your PC or console.

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While the official reveals trailer will let us know more about this expansion pack, the developers did talk about it in their Twitter reveal. It looks like players will finally be able to enjoy sports within the sims game. Right from snowboarding on the highest altitude spots and enjoying rock climbing, you will be doing a lot more than just making snowmen out of the terrain. Some kids may enjoy simplistic activities but for grown adults, they obviously have to have some engaging activities.

The way developers approach a game has gone global because players from around the world play these titles. The Sims 4 developers Maxis have ensured that there is an entire area inspired by Asians and their regions. It is supposed to help most people feel comfortable with the world inside the game and also feel at home when they are doing their favorite activities in the home.

More Focus on the Sports

Instead of simply focusing on winter and all the holiday activities, this particular Snowy Escape expansion pack delivers on a whole new scale. The Sims 4 already has a winter expansion pack that focuses on upcoming festivals however this one is all about winter activities and everything that you would wish to during a vacation. There has a whole lot of great launches in 2020 including the last reveal, Star Wars Journey to Batuu expansion pack. While it is more for Star Wars fans, you could still check it out simply to experience sims in an entirely different universe.

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Once the official trailer for the expansion pack is out, we will know more about the winter pack and all the different kinds of sports they have included in it. This is more of a fun sports activities unlike what some serious sports titles may have. Yet, for the hardcore Sims 4 fans, this should be more than enough especially if you never wish to leave your favorite neighborhood but still like to do snowboarding or enjoy climbing a massive peak. We will be back with more information once the developer talks about it and the official trailer.

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