How to Customise Your Car Insurance Policy to Fit Your Audi’s Specific Needs

Audi RS3 Saloon rear

Audi is a renowned luxury car brand in India. Its cars are very popular among consumers who value premium quality, technology and performance. The company has been in the country since 2007 and its portfolio consists of a wide range of luxury cars including sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. Audi car models, types of car insurance available for Audi cars, and some special add-ons to customise the car insurance – all these are covered in this blog.

Audi car models in India

Some of the popular Audi models in India are:

  • Audi A4 sedan: The Audi A4 sedan features a sleek exterior design with a spacious and modern interior. It is offered with a new 2.0L TFSI engine generating 140kW. In just 7.3 seconds, it propels from 0 to 100 kmph. You will fall in love with its 7-speed S-tronic transmission. As Audi is an expensive car, make sure to check all details before selecting your Audi car insurance.
  • Audi A6 Sedan: Progressive, elegant, and exceptionally sporty, the Audi A6 comes with MMI navigation plus with MMI touch response on its 25.6 cm HD touch display. 5-arm style alloy wheels, matrix LED headlights, a 360-degree camera, an Inline 4 engine, 7-speed S tronic transmission type, with a top speed of 250 km/h, and an emission standard BSVI, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.8 seconds.
  • Audi Q5: The luxury mid-sized SUV is a combination of sportiness and high everyday usability. Its 2.0L TFSI engine churns out a powerful 249 hp and 370 Nm of torque that can accelerate this beauty from 0 to 100 kmph in 6.3 seconds. 6 driving modes, fully-variable Quattro all-wheel drive, a suspension system with damper control, Titanium Grey matte Audi Sport wheels, Audi virtual cockpit plus, and a Bang &Olufsen 3D premium sound system are some of the features you will fall in love with.
  • Audi Q7: This Seven-seater, top-class SUV offers a compelling driving experience. With a 3.0 L TFSI 48 V mild hybrid engine, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. Its seven drive modes, adaptive air suspension, and Quattro all-wheel drive are unmatched.

Need for Audi car insurance

When you buy such high-end expensive cars, it is important to get them insured as well. There are various reasons to get car insurance:

  1. You are not permitted to drive your car in India if you don’t have insurance. It’s illegal.
  2. It provides financial security to you, as the owner of the vehicle. If there are any unforeseen accidents, theft, or natural calamities, you can be protected.
  3. Car insurance can help you cover the expenses of possible legal liabilities that could arise from an accident with an insured vehicle.

Types of Audi car insurance

When you buy an expensive car like this, it becomes all the more important to get insurance. Now the question is: which insurance to buy? There are various types of insurance you can buy:

  • Single-year comprehensive: This one-year comprehensive policy covers accidents, personal accidents, natural calamities, fire & explosions, third-party liability, theft, and a choice of add-ons for Audi car insurance.
  • Third-party insurance: One of the most basic forms of insurance, third-party insurance gives your personal accident, third-party property damage, and injury to third-party coverage. You must have third-party car insurance to legally drive a car in India.
  • Standalone own damage cover: This policy is best suited for those who have already taken third-party insurance. The inclusions in this policy are accidents, fire, theft, and natural calamities. This also gives you an option for some add-ons.
  • Multi-year package policy: This three to four-year car insurance policy is suitable if you have just bought a new car. It covers personal accidents, third-party liability, theft, accidents, and natural calamities while also giving you the choice of some add-ons.
  • Customised add-ons for insurance: You can widen and enhance the coverage for your Audi car by buying an add-on that suits your needs, usage and preference. By buying relevant add-ons you can have customised Audi car insurance.

Customise your car insurance policy to fit your Audi’s specific needs

If you are looking for more protection, you can customise your insurance with these add-on options:

  • Pay as you drive: If you don’t use your car very frequently, this add-on can certainly save you some money. This allows you to claim a benefit on your own damage premium of up to 25% during policy renewal if you drove less than 10,000 km in one policy year.
  • Zero depreciation cover: Most insurance policies do not cover parts that are susceptible to normal wear and tear and value depreciation. This Zero Depreciation Cover of car insurance allows you to get the full value of the parts to have them replaced or repaired.
  • No claim bonus protection: This add-on protects your No Claim Bonus earned to date and also takes it to the next slab earning of NCB.
  • Engine and gearbox protection: Protect your engine and gearbox with this special add-on feature that will cover expenses incurred due to damage to the car’s engine.
  • Downtime Protection: The downtime protection add-on of Audi car insurance takes care of the expenses you spend on your daily routine commute in cabs while your car is being repaired.
  • Cost of consumables: One of the most useful add-ons, covers various consumables like engine oil, brake oil, oil filter, lubricants, etc.

We hope now you know what kind of car insurance options are available for your car. Audi has a strong presence in India and has a network of dealerships in major cities across the country. You can customise your Audi car insurance by selecting the necessary add-ons. Make sure you put your money on such add-ons that deliver value to you. Buy add-ons based on your car usage, needs and preferences invest.

Disclaimer – The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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