Final Fantasy 14: Developer Drops a Clue About The Next Expansion In The Game

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 14 fans could get some information on the next expansion in the game through a letter hidden in a Dark Throne scene.

The Dark Throne has shared several hints about the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 expansion. However, the biggest hint had not been dropped for a while. The Void storyline, which has been an integral part of the patches of Endwalker, can be described as a tribute to the Final Fantasy 4’s boss fights. Many of the characters from the game have been turned into standalone characters designed to go against the themes of purpose and death which Endwalker plays around with.

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As confirmed by Naoki Yoshida, the Japanese video game producer associated with Square Enix, Endwalker’s content updates have been standalone in nature. While the Final Days have not been given prominence, Hydaelyn and Zodiark’s story comes to a close by the time the end credits of the expansion start rolling.

That being said, Endwalker’s Patch 6.4 has continued to tease ‘The Next Big Thing’ via cryptic imagery and text. These images and text have been placed in several scenes across the game. While many players have consciously tried to discover important evidence in the game, a particular player, who goes by the alias notColdReactive, has stumbled upon a rather important piece of evidence. The player has managed to unearth Krile’s letter and the content in it.

In the image, one can see a pixelated seal that has a mysterious look to it. After seeing it, many players have stated that it bears a close resemblance to Marilith, the Fiend of Fire that one first saw in the original Final Fantasy game. The Fiend of Fire, as ardent fans of the game would know, is one of the main bosses along with Kraken, Lich and Tiamat.

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In the game, Tiamat happens to be Bahamut’s widow. This particular seal implies that Tiamat could be back in Meracydia soon. Interestingly, the seal has been interpreted differently by different fans. Some are of the opinion that it looks like a dragon and that points towards Meracydiabeing the primary setting for the next expansion in Final Fantasy 14.

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