How to get the THICC Items Case and the THICC Weapon Case in Escape from Tarkov?

The THICC cases are some of the biggest ones in the game. Meaning, they can hold a lot of items and give you the extra inventory space you need for looting. More looting means more EFT roubles to spend on better items that improve your overall game experience. So, in Escape from Tarkov, bigger containers are better!

THICC Items Case

This items case is one of the best you can get in the game due to the large storage space it provides to users. The case itself only takes up 15 slots but it gives you an additional 196 inventory slots as a result. There are other cases you can collect but they lack the same level inventory space this one gives you.

You can only get the THICC Item Case from Therapist LL4 in the game. It requires you to give/trade them a bunch of different items.

Method 1: 10x Portable Defibrillator, 10x LEDX Skin Transilluminator, 10x Ibuprofen Painkillers

Method 2: 50x “Fierce Hatchling” moonshine, 30x Bottles of Dan Jackiel Whiskey, 35x Bottle of vodka Tarkovskaya

Both methods require a lot of grinding to get the needed items. However, you can also buy THICC Item Cases from other players using different websites. If you decide to buy the cases then be sure to do your research to check what the seller is offering, the safety protocols of the website, what the other offers are and any reviews. Some websites might offer EFT roubles in addition to the THICC Item Case so read through all of the offers before making a decision. It’s common for options to buy this case and to buy the weapon case together in one bundle. Just remember that bundles will be more expensive!

Deciding to buy THICC Item Cases would make your life much easier in this game but you do need to ensure it’s safe first! If you’re happy with this, you could consider looking at the EFT roubles for sale and other items as well.

THICC Weapon Case

Just like the above Items Case, these are one of the best weapon cases in the game. You will want to get yourself a Weapon Case as you progress through the game. It might take up 10 inventory slots but this brilliant weapon case give you 90 inventory slots in return!

The THICC Weapon Case can only hold Weapons, Ammunition and Weapon Modes but that’s perfect. You should be able to store a good amount inside this case thanks to the 90 inventory slots the THICC Weapon Case contains.

Sadly, the way to get this case is even more limited. It’s only available as a quest reward in the Perfect Mediator quest and is given to you by Prapor. Thankfully, there are also players online who sell these.

You can visit different websites such as Eldorado which allows players to sell items they’ve collected in-game for real money. This also means you can sell Weapon Cases online if you happen to not want yours for some reason. Additionally, if you don’t have the time to complete quests or maybe find this one too difficult, you can buy THICC Weapon Cases too. Different sellers will charge different amounts for them and the more expensive items tend to be bundled with other goodies as well.

Both THICC cases are often found bundled together which means you can buy Weapon Cass and Item Case in one purchase. Some sellers might bundle if with more EFT roubles instead, others might add something different. For the THICC Weapon Case, the monetary value isn’t as high as some valuable items which is why many sellers will bundle it with other things. However, you can also just buy Weapon Case or buy Item Case separately.

When buying online, remember to do your due diligence of thoroughly researching that website and seller. Look for reviews, information about security, fraud protections and anything else you deem important before even looking at items. It’s important to remain safe online when making purchases! Whether you’re looking to purchase THICC Weapon Cases or Item Cases, buy EFT roubles or any other kind of in-game item.

Disclaimer: This is a paid promotion and we do not promote or encourage buying such items. You are solely responsible for your actions.

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