GTA 6 May Get New City Maps as Part of Free Expansion Packs


Every gamer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One is super excited about GTA 6, the game that is never officially announced yet we know that it is in the making.

The developers are tight-lipped about what they are working on and they have always surprised us in the past.

With the massive power of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, Rockstar developers have a phenomenal level of freedom like never before. If they choose to create a map like Skyrim or Witcher that would expand as players explore, they could do so. Instead, they are going to do the next best thing in the form of free expansion packs that will be launched after the game gets released probably in 2021.


Everything is speculation at this point but Rockstar’s job postings and leaks continue to feed the rumor mill. The latest is based on the comments they made in the recent past. They commented that the team would definitely look at building one of the largest worlds and there will be lots of new updates to look forward to.

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Rendering New Cities

Grand Theft Auto V is going on a strong lineup seven years later since its original launch on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Going by the trend of supporting their newly launched games for many years, it won’t be surprising if they come up with entirely new maps after launch. The multiple years provide game developers the funding and time they need to expand the universe they have already built on.


While Rockstar developers specifically used the word expanding content, obviously it refers to maps according to a Redditor. The claims are all being made with the basis of comments made by the team but it is also something that there won’t be generated worlds. Instead, they would spend all their time on building an entirely new city or cities because the new generation consoles would be able to render them without much difficulty.

Character Development in Different Regions

Creating an entirely new city will also enable the characters to be developed in new circumstances that pave way for gamers to explore single-player campaigns as well as do the same on multiplayer modes. It all depends on how the publisher and developer support GTA 6 in terms of new maps after launch which will push it for another decade as GTA 5 did.

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