HTC 10 64GB Variant Might not Reach the U.S., Just like Samsung Galaxy S7

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HTC 10 is no longer a myth as the phone was made public at the beginning of this week. Despite being announced, the 2016 flagship will come to your local shop beginning the end of this month or earlier next month.

This is quite an awfully long period of time, more like what LG did with the G5. Samsung has been swift when it comes to the time it takes between announcing and officially releasing their devices, usually taking about two weeks at most. Nonetheless, the HTC 10 is finally here and it is already available for preorders. However, one thing that might hurt the sales of the smartphone is the fact that it will probably be availing the 32GB variant to the U.S., leaving out the 64GB variant to Europe, Asia, and other regions. This is a similar move that Samsung is making with the Galaxy S7, apparently selling the 32GB variant to the U.S. market and the 64GB variant to other markets.

In addition to only getting the 32GB variant of the HTC 10, buyers of this device will also have to settle for the Carbon Gray or Glacier Silver color variants only. This information came courtesy of a Senior Global Communications Manager at the Taiwanese company following a query from an enthusiast. Through Twitter, Jeff Gordon said that the U.S. will only be getting the 32GB variant of the HTC 10. Whether this will change sometimes in the future is still unknown.

This is, however, little of a concern given that the 10 comes with room for a microSD card slot. The phone can accommodate up to 2TB of expandable storage, which should be more than enough. Even though there is that difference in performance between local and external storages, with the power the HTC 10 packs under the hood, this difference should be negligible.

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The HTC 10 is currently valued at $700 for the unlocked version; however, there is some good news for those currently pre-ordering the smartphone from the company. There is an offer by the company that discounts the 10 by $100, bringing the phone’s price to just $600. Alternatively, you can sit back and wait for Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile to come in with their contracts for the locked versions. If you are an AT&T user, you will have to settle for the unlocked version since this carrier won’t be availing this device. In fact, AT&T users can take advantage of the ongoing HTC 10 promo and get the unlocked version at a discount and use it on their preferred carrier. Remember this offer is limited and it ends as soon as the official shipping of the phone begins.

Since it’s a flagship smartphone, HTC 10 packs 2016’s flagship specs. These include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC and 4GB RAM. The phone also comes with QHD resolution for the first time on an HTC flagship. The screen is a Super LCD 5 with 5.2-inches of display. The phone also rocks a decent 12MP Ultrapixel camera with OIS on the rear and another 5MP Ultrapixel on the front, again with the same OIS.

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  1. The Samsung Galaxy S7, though only 32GB, allow you to add a micro-SD card. I bought a fast, 200GB micro-SD.

    It is also possible to tweak the Android on the S7 to merge that 200GB with the 32GB. I’ve done that and my S7 now has about 180GB free (out of 232GB).

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