HTC Bolt Follows iPhone 7 by Eliminating Headphone Socket

HTC Bolt Follows iPhone 7

After the launch of the new Apple iPhone 7 without any headphone socket, it is only normal that several other manufacturers would be attempting to offer this feature in the phones after having seen the advantages in flesh.

Of course, the Apple iPhone 7 is not the first device to ditch the 3.5 mm headphone socket, as the coveted achievement goals down to phones like the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force. However, the iPhone 7 has provided so much attention surrounding the lack of the headphone socket that it seems HTC is intent on going down the same road.

htc bolt

A leaked press release of the HTC Bolt, which is apparently heading to the Sprint networks in the United States, shows that the phone will not have a headphone socket. Even though the overall design of the phone will be much similar to the recently launched HTC 10, there will be some crucial differences. The common aspects on the HTC Bolt and the globally available HTC 10 are the all-metal build, front facing fingerprint scanner, and the position of the antenna lines. Some of the small differences on the new device are the new location for the rear flash, but it is hardly noticeable in regular usage.

It is quite clear that the HTC Bolt will not offer the headphone socket, but the workaround will be interesting to see. Apple went with the way of lightning connectors for the headphones too. Motorola has been able to use the same USB ports to connect headphones. It is highly likely that HTC will go down the route of Motorola by using USB as the preferred choice, but the range of connectivity options on the device mean that wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones will also be the choice of buyers.

HTC Bolt headphone socket

Even though the absence of the headphone socket has become clear, other details of the device are still a mystery. This includes the price of the product which is expected to be available on October 18. Since the launch date is extremely close, it would have been expected that specifications of the device would be leaked even if it was just benchmark scores. The lack of any information, though, may suggest that the HTC Bolt is likely to be similar to the HTC One in terms of internal specifications as well. The HTC One may have class leading specifications, but it was not well received.

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