Titanfall 2 Titan Abilities, Play Style and Combat Explained

titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is about to arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Just before the big launch, developers Respawn Entertainment has started teasing gamers by revealing the new titans they have in store.

The game’s crisp and action packed gameplay combined with wall running made it a huge hit. However, the first iteration was limited in number of titans available. When you play solely as a pilot, shooting at opponents it cannot be described as enjoyable. Only when there are multiple titans with unique capabilities, the game escalates itself from a regular Call of Duty like first person shooter to a futuristic combat experience.

titanfall 2

Respawn entertainment developers have listed the top titans – Ronin, Northstar, Legion and Tone. Out of the four, Ronin is the most aggressive and lethal of them all especially in close combat. He is a ninja titan with the fastest movement speed, has a huge sword and uses a shotgun as his primary weapon. It is not so wrong to describe the machine as a person because Titanfall 2 is all about linking the human aspect of titans with their respective pilots. There’s even a single player campaign this time that delves into the topic.

Ronin has a special ability that allows him to space dash, making him invisible and invulnerable for a short period. Northstar is another mobile friendly titan that can actually jump using the VTOL hover tech. The particular titan can easily get on top of small, mid-range buildings just like pilots do. Complimenting this capability is a sniper rifle as a primary weapon and the best way to play Northstar is to go full support.

Legion should remind MOBA players of different characters they might have tried in titles like Dota 2, League of Legends or Overwatch. The titan is a pure tank which is capable of taking a whole lot of hits along with a power shield to defend against barrage of rockets. Legion is equipped with a mini gun, which has two different modes for long range and short range firing.

titanfall 2 titan

Titanfall 2’s lineup also includes Tone, an aggressive support titan that can capture fleeing enemies with an arc and curl homing missile. The titan even has a Sonar tool that will help pilots locate nearby enemies and take them down. In the second iteration of the game, things are brief and it should offer great replayability and a solid multiplayer experience for months to come.

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