HTC Ocean On the Way, as HTC Not Ready to Give Up

HTC Ocean On the Way

HTC has been in a very bad shape over the last few years.

The phone is manufactured by the Taiwanese company are simply not selling in the market as they do not receive any interest from buyers. The HTC 10 was branded as the best phone made by HTC, but it barely lasted a few weeks on major retailers before being taken off the shelves due to poor sales. It has been rumored that the company is on the verge of quitting mobile phone segment altogether.

HTC 10

The biggest successes enjoyed by the Taiwanese company have been while manufacturing phones for brands like Google. However, the company’s senior PR manager has confirmed that a number of flagships are coming along the way. Jeff Gordon has had a tough time dealing with the company’s PR relations, but he has significantly pointed out to the arrival of several top end devices and not just one. It seems that HTC are determined to put up a fight before going into the twilight.

It has been heavily rumored that the HTC Ocean would be the next device in the HTC line-up. This phone might heavily borrow the design language from the HTC 10, but it is expected to offer several innovative features along with the latest in technology. While the HTC 10 offered a snapdragon 820 processor, the HTC Ocean is expected to offer the snapdragon 821 or even the upcoming snapdragon 830 processor. However, the standout element on this new phone might be the touch sensitive area towards the side of the device.

Just like the touch bar on the new MacBook Pros, this small touch sensitive panel will be able to replace the volume controls and power buttons in a seamless design. It remains to be seen if this feature would be welcome on a smartphone as large as the HTC Ocean. The use of a 5.2-inch screen is expected to see the HTC Ocean be substantially large compared with the Apple iPhone 7. This touch sensitive panel has the potential to be a game changer if it is offered alongside aspects like Google Assistant and dual rear cameras.

HTC Ocean On the Way

Considering that the HTC 10 came out only a few months ago, it may not be until the mid-2017 before HTC come out with the next top end version. The company is fast losing market share despite possessing all elements required to have a successful smartphone lineup.

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