HTC One M10 Price, Features, Specs and Release Date

HTC 10

HTC One M10 is expected to be released this coming month and to give us a slight idea of what the phone will look like, the company has been teasing customers with some images of the phone’s components, notably the camera.

In the wake of these images, we’ve gathered quite a significant amount of other details regarding the HTC One M10 price, features, specs, release date as well as rumors surrounding the launching of this flagship.


The HTC One M10 has yet to be announced and so is the price. Given that this is a high-end smartphone, expect it to be priced in the regions of $700.

Specs and features

The design of the mid-range HTC One A9 is said to be what is inspiring the design of the One M10. This means that another mind-blowing device is coming, something that might make Samsung sweat for its money as far as the Galaxy S7 is concerned. However, don’t be surprised to see an HTC smartphone that has no usual company logo at the front as well as missing Boomsound speakers.

HTC One M10 will probably come in a variety of colors that include all-black, gold-on-white, black-on-silver as well as a white-on-silver. The phone will have metal edges on the frame, something that resembles the Galaxy S5.

The Taiwanese OEM is said to be working on a 5.2-inch WQHD screen, however, previous reports have indicated that the company will go for the seemingly standard 5.1-inch QHD Super AMOLED display.

The One M9 came with a massive 20.7MP rear camera, but as it has shown, this number of megapixels have very little to do with the end quality of the photo. HTC One M10 would be great with a rear snapper of 12MP, just like the Galaxy S7, and an aperture of at least f/2.0. On the front, we expect a 5MP UltraPixel snapper on the front to better off the 4MP UltraPixel snapper that comes with the One A9.

As far as HTC is concerned, the #powerof10 will bring a “world first, world class” camera both on the front and back of the One M10.

HTC One M10

Unlike Samsung, there is no word on whether the new flagship will be compatible with the newly announced HTC Vive VR headset. However, expect to see a USB Type-C port on the next HTC smartphone flagship.

HTC One M10 release date

According to the latest reports, HTC One M10 will be launched on April 11 during a company event that will be staged in London. Further leaks have also come from renowned leaker Evan Blass, who claims that the new One M10 will be in the U.S. during the week of May 9.

HTC has been teasing the upcoming flagship on social media with the use of the hashtag #powerof10. If all reports remain true, the new One M10 will be powerful enough to compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5.

Shocking details coming in also reveal that the Taiwanese company may not use the expected HTC One M10 as the name of its upcoming flagship. Word has it that the “One” tag will be retained, but the “M10” will be replaced with something yet to be confirmed. HTC One M9 has had one of the poorest performances in the market and it seems the HTC is coming in with something huge, especially considering the amount of hype the phone has been getting courtesy of the #powerof10 hashtag.




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