Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro: Here’re 5 Reasons to Buy this Great Phone

Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro was announced at this year’s MWC event in Barcelona, marking the Chinese maker’s debut at the annual tech show.

The Mi 5 Pro is a superior variant of the standard Xiaomi Mi 5, which was also released on the same date. If you are tired of having the usual flagships around you – Samsung Galaxy S series, iPhone, LG G series and so on – there is no better time to switch to a new, fantastically powerful device. If you are still not convinced by the brand name of this device, here’re 5 reasons to help you change your mind regarding the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro.

High-end specs sheet

Flagships are best known for what they carry under the hood. The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro is no different from this year’s Android flagships in terms of specs. In fact, the phone is a monster with its Snapdragon 820 CPU that is backed by a decent RAM of 4GB and carries 128GB of onboard storage.

Just like Samsung Galaxy S7, you will come across a 3000mAh battery unit and a decent 5.15-inch IPS display that manages a resolution of 1920 by 1280 pixels. The Mi 5 Pro has a more than decent camera system courtesy of Sony, where the rear has a 16MP sensor and the front has a 4MP sensor.

Premium look

When you spend more than $500 on a smartphone, you want the world to know it. It is why high-end devices have some of the best-looking designs and finishes around. This is what Xiaomi has gone for with respect to the Mi 5 Pro. The phone comes in a 3D ceramic rear that features rounded edges, hence giving the phone a unique look and feel. Even though you can do nothing to stop fingerprints from sticking to the body, you will be sure to keep it clean for longer thanks to its scratch-resistant body.

By just looking at the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro, you’ll probably don’t believe the pricing.

It’s unique

As mentioned at the beginning, Xiaomi is trying to enter a field that is dominated by Samsung, Apple and probably LG. Everyone around you maybe has a Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S, however, having a Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro will make you unique and a standout from the crowd.

There is no doubt that Xiaomi is destined for greatness, as long as it keeps on with such kind of work. Even though it hasn’t made its name in the West, it is coming sooner than later. Actually, we’ve just begun to see why the company has been nicknamed “the Apple of China.”

Very affordable

As you may have noticed, the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro packs similar specs under the hood as what most high-end smartphones released this year come with. However, rather than be priced similar to these devices, the Chinese company has given the phone what is with no doubt a very affordable price tag.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro

If you can pre-order the phone now, you will only spend $539. When compared to what you need to get a new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you will be saving more than $100 on the Xiaomi model, but apparently with the same performance specs.

There is room for customization without rooting

The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro runs on the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow and an MIUI interface on top of it. The good side of this interface is that it allows users to customize the phone. There are plenty of themes that have magnificently combined color and focus more on minimalism as opposed to showiness. This is one device you won’t regret having around you.



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