HTC One M9 + Prime Camera Edition – Is it Just the One M9 Renamed?

HTC One M9

New Handsets from HTC

The company’s newest flagship phone is the HTC 10 and this was announced in India recently, along with two other smartphones, one of them being the HTC One M9+ PCE. It is a mid range device and will be coming soon to India. The price is said to be around $355 or Rs. 23,990 in case of India. Though it has been listed in the eStore of HTC India, the phone is not yet available. Mahesh Telecom is the retailer based in India and, according to the retailer, the device will soon be available.

Top Specs of M9+ Variant – Hardware and Software

The One M9+ Prime Camera Edition is the successor to the One M9 announced earlier in May this year. The company has now announced the entry of the new variant in its India eStore.  The phone is powered by the MediaTek, Helio X10, 64 bit, octa core processor and has a RAM of 2 GB. The internal memory can be expanded and a battery of 2,840 mAh powers the phone.

Android 5.0 powers the phone and it is layered with the Sense user interface along with a fingerprint sensor on the front.


As for the camera, it has a resolution of 13 MP at the rear and an UltraPixel, HTC camera on the front, though the resolution of the front camera has not yet been mentioned. However, it has an aperture of f/2.0 and 2 micron along with a lens of 26.8 mm.

HTC One M9 + Prime Camera Edition

Dimensions/Design/ Display

The dimensions of the phone are 150.9 x 71.9 x 9.6 mm and it weighs 168 grams.  The screen is full HD and has dimensions of 5.2 inches, with a screen resolution of 1920 x 2080 pixels. There are two BoomSound speakers having Dolby audio and are placed in the front. The fingerprint scanner is found at the lower part of the display and it also plays the role of a home key.

The M9+ PCE is available in variants like silver, gold and gunmetal grey.

Similarity with Predecessor

The HTC One M9+ is similar to its predecessor the M9 PCE, as far as the specs are concerned. However, it differs in its design.  The One M9 PCE is similar to the One M9 as far as looks are concerned. However, the One M9+ PCE is similar to the One M9+. One difference is the home button present on the latest phone announced. Another is that the display is slightly bigger at 5.2 inches and the fingerprint scanner of course. Technically, the new One M9+ PCE is similar to the One M9 PCE.

A Budget Phone

The One M9+ PCE has not yet come up officially for sale so far. For fans of HTC phones, it all depends on how much they are willing to spend. It may not be worth it, as there are better options from HTC right now, namely the HTC 10 and the 10 Lifestyle. These are more appealing but also more expensive, when compared to the M9+ PCE. The flagship phone from HTC, the HTC 10 is available at around $789, whereas the M9+ PCE is nearly half the price.

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