The Asus ZenfoneTrio Announced – Gunning for the Powerful Phones with the Zenvolution

Asus ZenfoneTrio

News and Leaks

There have been continual leaks regarding the specs of the three upcoming ZenFones from Asus. Alongside, there have also been images and some renders related to how the phones will look.

Computer 2016

Asus seems to be obsessed with releasing products in threes. It has released a new tablet series, the Transformer 3, the 3 Pro and the Mini. Similarly, it has announced three new phones as well. The Computex of 2016 witnessed the announcement of the three phones from Asus, the ZenFone 3, the 3 Deluxe and the 3 Ultra. The first one is the basic model among the three upcoming phones. Asus seems to be gunning for some of the powerful phones in the market today, like the Surface Pro 4 for one. The chairman of Asus, Jonney Shih, unveiled the Asus robot and several mobile devices offering a revolutionary type of functionality.

ZenFone 3 – Specs

The phone comes with aluminum frame and has a Corning, Gorilla Glass, 2.5 D for protection, both in the front and at the back. The display screen is 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1080 pixels, Super IPS, having 500 nits for brightness and a 77.3% of ratio between the screen and the body. It has a rear camera of 16 MP using ASUS, TriTech autofocus technology, which is a combination of the laser autofocus in its second generation. It also includes autofocus for phase detection and contrast, achieving a focus within 0.03 seconds. The phone is powered by the Qualcomm, Snapdragon 625 processor and has a RAM of 4 GB. It also comes with fingerprint sensor feature on the back of the phone.

Asus ZenFone series

3 Deluxe: Flagship Model

This is the premium model with a fully, metallic body. The antenna lines are not seen and it has an edge of 4.2 mm. The display is Super AMOLED, with 5.7 inches screen display and a hundred percent NTSC color spectrum, having a ration of 79% with respect to the screen and the body. The camera is a 23 MP Sony IMX318 model with an aperture of f2.0. It has a 4 axis OIS and a 4K video resolution, including the same TriTech system as the basic model.

It is expected to take camera technology and mobile photos along to the next high level. The phone is feature packed and offers premium design combined with a powerful performance.

The phone makes use of a USB, Type C connector and is supported with the Quick Charge feature, Qualcomm 3.0. It also has the fingerprint sensor feature.

The Ultra Model

This is the biggest of the three models, with a huge 6.8 inches screen and a resolution of 1080 pixels and 95% color spectrum support NTSC. The ratio for body and screen is 79%. It makes use of the Tru2Life+, video technology using a 4K UHD, television grade processor for the images.

As for the camera, it has a 23 MP camera, similar to the one on the 3 Deluxe. The phone is an incredibly powerful one, which will excel at providing entertainment.

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