HTC Surprises by Announcing Android Oreo Update Worldwide on HTC 10, U Ultra and U 11

HTC ultra

Brand HTC has been going on a lukewarm sales venture for many years now.

The company used to be the pioneers of smartphone in the past but has slowly waned off into something very mediocre with hardly any updates. However, the smartphone brand has surprised everyone by confirming that they are going to roll out Android Oreo operating system very soon.

When a fan sent a question to the HTC people over Twitter, the company quickly responded that they have Oreo ready to be rolled out on all their latest flagship phones and a couple of older devices as well. In their update, the representative confirmed that HTC U11, HTC U Ultra and the HTC 10 phones will receive the update. Another surprising add-on announcement is that it will not be specifically rolled out to United States or United Kingdom Customers. Instead, it will be rolled out in bulk to users worldwide so that everyone could receive the same at once and doesn’t have to wait.

HTC andiod update

Such an announcement was hardly expected from the company that was quite delayed in rolling out proper flagship smartphones. HTC is still known for making the best devices in the world in terms of build quality and design. However, the company off late has been very wrong with their expensive price tags and mediocre hardware specifications that put off a lot of customers. If they decide to bring some kickass changes to the hardware and price them at the right point, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the smartphone brand take off again and grab a huge share in the mainstream smartphone market.

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The Tweet didn’t confirm when they exactly plan to roll out the updates and it might take a couple of days for sure because Android Oreo will be available on HTC’s newest phones around the globe, not just any specific region. The company’s representative added that the ones listed aren’t the only phones to receive Android O but there are couple of other devices as well which are said to be revealed at a later time.

HTC andriod o

Google’s new Android Oreo operating system is getting launched much earlier and not with the rumored Pixel 2 or the Pixel XL 2 smartphone. The company once again brings a couple of interesting changes to the OS including features like picture in picture mode, better security, support for fingerprint sensors, make the phone more responsive and help battery last longer in upcoming flagship devices.

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