HTC Vive Native Support for SUPERHOT VR Best Oculus Rift Game : Time for Bullet Time Action


HTC Vive is finally offering Superhot VR, Oculus Rift’s exclusive game, natively through Steam store.

This is coming 6 months after the launch on Oculus store. Superhot VR is one of the very popular titles in VR and is a game that is the most played one in various VR systems. SUPERHOT VR was released exclusively for Oculus Rift and is a unique first person, shooter game. It is finally making its way on the vive.

HTC Vive

Natively to HTC Vive

With the latest update, SUPERHOT VR comes natively for the Vive and allows users of Steam a simple as well as legal route for playing the popular VR game. The cost of the game is normally $24.99, though it is cheaper by $5 only for this week.


Superhot VR is a like several puzzles where the player is set in a room having some weapons and several geometric attackers who want to kill him or her. The time in the game moves only when the player moves his/her body physically, so one has to be efficient in deciding the actions for killing the baddies before they kill him. The twist to the game is that everything is in slow motion, but when the player makes a move, the time starts speeding up, offering some neat bullet action.

The title of the game was funded partly by Oculus and is a kind of port from a desktop game, but the mechanics are perfectly suitable for VR.

Forever Update

The latest update for the game was in March, with the Forever update. This update offered several new modes, which enhanced the replay ability of the game. Players can now fight any number of enemies and even make several changes to the options, with the option of playing only with headshots or even playing levels again for beating personal best scores.

Platform Defining Games

The HTC Vive has received a lot of attention with respect to its developers, though Oculus has been searching Facebook as well for offering millions to create content that can be launched on the Rift and the Gear VR platform exclusively. The two games, SUPERHOT VR as well as Robo Recall, are two games that are definitely platform defining and they were both launched exclusively on the Oculus platform. As a result, some of the owners of HTC Vive, had downloaded Revive, a software, allowing them to buy games from Oculus store and then play it on the HTC headsets.


Reality Champions

The HTC Vive is considered the champion for VR games. It comes with a system that is powered by Valve and it launched with room scale trackers as well as controllers, which gave it a head start when compared to the Oculus Rift. Though the two platforms are comparable, there are some games that can only be played on one platform and not on the other. The HTC Vive has a very extensive library of games, but not all of them are worthwhile, so the native support for SUPERHOT VR is great news for the Vive.