Huawei P10 Lite and MediaPad T3 Cleared by the FCC ahead of North America’s Release

Huawei P10 Lite

We know that the Huawei P10 series will be available in North America, but these details were only limited to the flagship models of the series.

However, in a new development, it appears that the FCC has just cleared the midrange Huawei P10 Lite for use in the same region. Despite going through the FCC, the likeliest destination of this phone is Canada and here, it will carry model number WAS-LX1A.

The phone has been confirmed with a battery capacity of 2900mAh, which is actually the only other info that this listing gives out. The good side of the story is that we know quite a lot about the Huawei P10 Lite following its launch in Europe a few days ago. One weird difference between the North American and European variants of the P10 Lite is the battery capacity, where other markets have a 3000mAh unit.

Huawei P10 Lite

As for the rest of the specs, we don’t expect to see any surprises. The standard Huawei P10 Lite ships with a 5.2-inch display screen with a Full HD resolution. The processor under the hood is a HiSilicon Kirin 658 octa-core that is paired with a RAM of 4GB. The storage available is 32GB, but this can be expanded via a microSD card slot.

The back of the Huawei P10 Lite has a 12MP camera while the front comes in with an 8MP lens. Out of the box, you’ll get Android 7.0 Nougat running the show alongside the company’s EMUI 5.1 skin. Despite the appearance, we don’t really know when the P10 Lite will be made available in the American market.

Huawei P10 Lite and Huawei MediaPad T3

The story is not different as far as the Huawei MediaPad T3 is concerned. The tablet has also been cleared by the same body with model number BG2-W09, but as you probably know already, it has not been announced just yet. But we’ll keep following the matter and update you on the latest developments. Stay tuned!

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